1. Mr. Ido Raban - Director

Direct Tel+972-4-8681009





Kamor Logistic Ltd. deals in international shipping and the provision of logistics solutions on a global scale, including a broad-based service basket as required for export and import by sea or air, such as: customs clearance, storage, distribution and logistics.  

Kamor Logistic Ltd. supplies worldwide shipping services via an international team of experts specializing in logistics solutions for special projects, with a focus on the oil and gas drilling industry, petrochemical plants, refineries, natural and liquid gas installations, infrastructures etc.

Professional expertise and experience are essential in the execution of complex projects of this kind, because of the exceptional logistical challenges posed by deliveries combining air, sea and land transport and requiring special equipment.


Added values for the customer:

1.One-stop-shop – a wide range of services under a single umbrella.

2.Professionalism, expertise and experience.

3.Constant improvement of values.

4.Financial soundness

5.Worldwide shipping.

6.Flexible pricing strategy.

7.Advanced automated information systems.

8.Focus on the customer and his needs.


Local branches in Israel

Haifa HQ – 53 Hameginim Street.

Tel-Aviv branch – 6 David Hackmey Street.

Ashdod branch – 18, Ort Street, Sea Port bldg..

Ben-Gurion airport – Maman bldg., Lod.