Kamor is one of the leading and most dominant Conventional - Shipping companies in Israel.

Kamor is controlled by prominent and reputable managers holding decades of combined professional experience in the local shipping and trade arena.

The company is being jointly held by Mr. Israel Normand, acting as a General Manager, and by Trim Capital LTD.

Kamor’s offices are located in the two main Israeli ports – Ashdod and Haifa, and the company offers services in all Israeli ports.

The activity of Kamor relies on three main modules –

a. Ship Agency for Dry Bulk, Tankers, Generals, Break-Bulk and Project cargoes.
b. Chartering Brokers.
c. Marine Surveyors.

a)    As a Ship Agent, Kamor renders comprehensive high quality services to first class reputable ship owners, cargo receivers and shippers.
On average, it serves over 700 vessel calls annually. 
The sizes of these vessels are ranging from 1,000 to 160,000 metric tons and the mass of the vessels served are ones arriving to Israel with Grains or Grain Products, crude oil and products or with various types of Steel Products and often leaving the country with Fertilizers, Steel Scrap or crude oil exports. 
Kamor is proud of being able to assist the owners with any type of need their vessel or crew may have:

-       Coordination of Port Services.

-       Vessels’ Supply and Repairs as well as professional full Technical Support to vessels.

-       Arranging Permits with the relevant Authorities.

-       Crew Logistics - including Crew Changes, Transport and Accommodation.

-       Coordination with the Ministry of Transport, Port Authorities, and Navy.

Among the content vessel owning and operating clients one can find all prominent & internationally recognized names


Kamor Shipping works on behalf of local Grain and Agri-Products receivers in Israel and is hence well known to their international suppliers. 

b)    Using this vast range of acquaintances with the previously mentioned owners and with many others, Kamor conduct its productive Brokerage Activity, where on average it oversees some 250-300 fixtures annually. 
The brokers commonly attend charterers in the trades of Steels, Fertilizers, General and Project-Cargoes, and in the field of Grain Products and Agriculture Commodities. 
The company brokers over 2 million metric tons of grains every year, working for several medium size Grain Houses and Grain Traders, some of which are locally situated but the majority is foreign, working out of West and East European countries. 
These trade relations developed and nurtured over many years, allows Kamor to supply services to its clients in their contracts all around the globe, but mostly in the trades out of the Black Sea and Azov Sea basins. 
Most of Kamor’s involvement is naturally in cross-trade deals, not loaded or discharged in Israel.

Among the satisfied clients of Ship Brokerage Services you can find:

-          Inerco (Kernel Group) - www.kernel.ua

-          Omnicom Trading LLP - www.omnicom.biz

-          BayWa Marketing and Trading International B.V., Rotterdam  www.baywa.com

-          Shintraco - www.shintraco.co.il

-          Pumice Israel - www.pumiceisrael.co.il

-          Shemen Industries  www.shemen.co.il

-          Dead Sea Works - www.iclfertilizers.com

-          DGS Foreign Trading -  www.dgs.co.il 

-          Barna Conshipping, S.L., Barcelona

-          Greenland Recycling

-          Metal X

-          Arbel Steel 2004

-          MPI

-          Atta Abujubba General Trading

-          ArcelorMittal - www.arcelormittal.com

-          Duferco  www.duferco.com

-          Shintraco - www.shintraco.co.il

-          Zenziper -  www.zenziper.co.il


Furthermore, Kamor has a substantial experience with steel parceling activities from the CJK area to the East Med and Mediterranean basins as we have the chance to assist and collaborate with local and international Steel Traders. Kamor is working as a broker and as an agent for vessels calling Israel with steels from Chinese and South Korea and is naturally very familiar with this trade and its ins and outs.

c)    Working through its very own subsidiary, Kamor has been offering Cargo and Vessel Surveying Services for the last ten years in all Israeli ports and jetties. 
Company’s teams have been surveying the majority of Fertilizers exported and Minerals imported by the Dead Sea Works and the Rotem Amfert Negev groups. 
It offer services such as Draft Survey, Cargo Supervision and Quality Inspection for goods being loaded or discharged; the work is with cargoes arriving as Dry Bulk, Break-Bulk or Liquids. Kamor serve all first class Clubs.

In general – Kamor Shipping is a constantly growing company and its highly qualified personnel are skilled in a full range of Ship-Broking and General Agency Services. 
This broad base of know-how background and experience allows offering highly professional services. 
Kamor believe in honest, clear and direct approach, and will always guarantee its business partners a 24/7 full professional service.

TRACE has completed a TRACEcertification due diligence review of Kamor Shipping and Tanker Services Ltd. Certification by TRACE signifies that Kamor Shipping and Tanker Services Ltd has completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and has been forthcoming and cooperative during the review process. TRACEcertification underscores Kamor Shipping and Tanker Services Ltd's commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions.


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