1. Mr. Dani Bendersky -  Chartering manager

Direct Tel+972-4-8681008



  1. Mr. Ido Raban -  Manager

Direct Tel+972-4-8681009



  1.  Mrs. Karin Shapiro -  Chartering

Direct Tel+972-4-8681007



  1. Mr. Andrey Lopatik -  Chartering

Direct Tel+972-4-8681017

Mobile: +972-53-8259633


  1. Mr. Motty Alchades-  Chartering

Direct Tel+972-4-8681018

Mobile: +972-54-5355433




Our Chartering department has successfully average 250-300 fixtures per annum growing activities  and today employs highly skilled brokers concentrating on: 

  • Grain cargoes – shipments of over 2 million mts of wheat ,barley, sunflower meal (including IMO cargo) and seeds, corn , peas, oil cake etc…., acting mostly as exclusive brokers for several grain houses and partly doing competitive fixtures .Shipments done by vessels as from small  single-deckers up to panamax size  60,000 mts. We are acting worldwide, specializing on med / black sea to all destinations (well know restrictions at all ports as well as requirements as to shipments of special/imo cargo).
    in addition, we have been involved for over 15 years in shipments from all Russian river and Azov sea ports.
  • Heavy project cargoes require unique attention , providing full service of all marine , logistic and transport needs .
  • General cargo - Full and / or part cargoes in / out Israel and Mediterranean destinations including Liner break bulk and parceling services including timber, steel, container, have machinery etc….
  • Time Chartering / Ships management -  By means of professional expertise, client-orientated initiatives and dedicated and consistent service/dialogue, our main objective is to offer added value to our clients around the globe and give them a positive and beneficial experience by doing business with Kamor shipping and Tanker services ltd.

Postfix – In addition to the prevailing practice of post fix traditional role , our postfix provides add value service assisting client to process nomination procedure per cp , reporting on daily basis on line vessel itinerary , position and loading and / or discharging progress at loading and / or discharge ports .

As to enable contract parties involved  we provide final  documentation and time sheets , laytime calculation.